RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Back

  • Call a procedure (subroutine) that is running on another machine.
  • NFS(Network File System) is RPC based
  • To reduce the complexity of the interface specification, only one argument is supported to a remote procedure.
  • We can use struct to specify more than one argument.
  • 識別:
    • Hostname(Ip Address)
    • Program Identifier(32-bits integer)
    • Procedure Identifier(32-bits integer)
  • RPC includes support for looking up the port number of a remote program
  • The High-Level RPC library calls support UDP only.
  • The High-Level RPC do not support any kind of authentication.
  • The Low-Level RPC supports:
    • TCP & UDP
    • Timeout values
    • Asynchronous procedure calls
    • Multi-tasking Servers
    • Broadcasting
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