Whatever comments, bugs, enhancements or policy problems you want to contribute to one of my projects, just open an issue for me, and make my life easier.

1. Something to do before opening issues

  • First of all, checkout the list and find whether anyone else has opened the same issue with yours. If so, just join and give out your words on those issue.

  • It's important for you to add the platform and software information after figuring out bugs like the version of OS, the version of Node etc. Screen shots are what I wish to ask for, because I would like to see what you have seen before.

  • It's suggested to wait for feedback before continuing to next steps. Nevertheless, if the issue is clear and the fix is simple, you can just fix it.

  • Make a detailed description about your issue, and make me understood what you want to contribute for my projects.

2. Fixing issues

Fork this project in your account and create a branch with a standard naming convention:


  • #1: the issue number
  • aleen42: the user name of your github

PAY ATTENTION: write your code under my guide style, and comment what you have written as much as possible.

3. Creating a pull request

After fix the issue, just open a pull request and reference the initial issue in the message you commit like fixes #1. Write down a understandable description and title to make me know what your pull request have done.

Again to notice that, if it makes sense, add screen shots for your fixes.

4. Waiting for feedback

Before accepting your contributions, I'll review what you have done, and keep contact with you after. Maybe sometimes I am too busy to review, so please wait for my feedback. I'll merge your contributions as once I am certain that there is no problems.


Don't care too much about the number of contributions, and it's just noise all along. Do you see the word aleen42 in the following image based on aleen42/auto-contribution?

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