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As projects become larger and larger, we will always import so many dependencies, especially when what we need actually need more other sub-dependencies of npm modules. As a library, much JavaScript library won't lock their dependencies with specifying version, for more upper choice. It is mainly based their trust on other libraries. However, as a private project, it is sometimes NOT a truth for trusting others, as some little break changes of dependencies will suddenly break up the building process of our projects.

Therefore, how can I lock all versions of the dependencies tree? npm has provided us package-lock.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json. In most cases, they are both the same thing, except that most important thing where npm-shrinkwrap.json will be transferred from your project to others when someone use your project as a library.

Since npm@5.x, we can construct package-lock.json by npm i directly, and if we want to construct npm-shrinkwrap.json, we can just execute the command npm shrinkwrap.

In addition, npm ci is a recommended command for installing dependencies during building as it can guarantee that node_modules should be cleared before installing.

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