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  • OpenCV(Open Source Computer Vision) is an open-source BSD-license library that includes several hundreds of computer vision algorithmns. LightOpenCV is an more light library of OpenCV designed by me.
  • The main modular strucure of OpenCV:
    • Core functionality: basic data structures(數據結構) like Mat, functions.
    • Image processing: linear and non-linear image filtering(圖形濾鏡), geometrical image transformations(幾何圖形變換), color space conversion(颜色空间转换), histograms(柱狀圖) and so on.
    • Video: video analysis like motion estimation(運動估算), background subtraction(背景相減) and object tracking algorithmns.
    • Calib3d: basic multiple-view geometry algorithms(多視角幾何算法), single and stereo camera calibration(單一和立體鏡頭校準), object pose estimation(物體姿態確定), stereo correspondence algorithms(立體匹配算法), and elements of 3D reconstruction(3D重構).
    • Features2d: salient feature detectors(突出特徵檢測器), descriptors and descripor matchers.
    • Objdetect: detection of objects and instances of the predefined classes (for example, faces, eyes, mugs, people, cars, and so on).
    • HighUI: simple UI capabilities.
    • VideoIO: video capturing and video codecs.
    • GPU: GPU-accelerated algorithmns(圖形處理器加速算法).
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