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How to use ffmpeg in c/c++ Back

Qt Creator is a way for you to use ffmpeg in c/c++, and here you can read more for details

Ffmpeg as a system call

The built version of FFMPEG can be called by shell with an argument list (see the wiki on the official web site), so to use this into a C++ code it is necessary to implement a QProcess that can start a program.

ffmpeg -i inputMovie.avi -acodec pcm_s16le outputAudioFile.wav
QProcess _FFMPEG;
    QString _process = "ffmpeg";
    QStringList _paramList;
        _paramList << "-i"
            << "inputMovie.avi"
            << "-acodec"
            << "pcm_s16le"
            << "outputAudioFile.wav";

_FFMPEG.start(_process, _paramList);

if (!(_FFMPEG.waitForFinished()))
    qDebug() << "Conversion failed:" << _FFMPEG.errorString();
    qDebug() << "Conversion output:" << _FFMPEG.readAll();

The _FFMPEG is an object that can start an external program and communicate with him. To the start function is necessary to give the name of the process (ffmpeg) and the argument list (_paramList).

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