How to check whether it's PC's accessment in PHP Back

I just show the code here:

public static function validatePC()
    /** contain HTTP_X_WAP_PROFILE should be a mobile device */
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_WAP_PROFILE'])) {
        return false;

    /** contain 'wap' in HTTP_VIA should be a mobile device */
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_VIA'])) {
        return stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_VIA'], 'wap') ? false : true;

    /** check useragent, but have compatibility problem */
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
        $clientkeywords = [

        /** preg match  */
        if (preg_match("/(" . implode('|', $clientkeywords) . ")/i", strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))) {
            return false;

    /** protocol, but not accurate */
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'])) {
        /** only support wml should be a mobile device */
        /** support both wml and html but wml is among html should be a mobile device */
        if ((strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'vnd.wap.wml') !== false) && (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'text/html') === false || (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'vnd.wap.wml') < strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'text/html')))) {
            return false;

    return true;

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