Original Socket Coding Back

  • write a new higher-level transport protocol based on IP protocol

1. Create original socket

int socket(int family, int type, int protocol)
  • family: AF_INET
  • type: SOCK_RAW
  • protocol:
    • IPPROTO_IP: IP數據包
return value
  • >=0: success
  • -1: failure

2. Set IP options

  • set whether automatically fill the IP header
int on = 1;
setsockopt(sockfd, IPPROTO_IP, IP_HDRINCL, &on, sizeof(on));
  • on=0: 由協議自動填充
  • on=1: 用戶程序填充

3. Bind

  • if IP_HDRINCL has been set, bind() takes no effect, and you must fill each IP datagram by yourself
  • local bind: bind()
  • opposite bind: connect()

4. Send or Receive

  • if you has not called connect() to bind, you must use sento() or sendmsg() to send data
  • if you has called, then write() or send() is allowed to use
  • data from UDP and TCP won't be sent to original socket
  • receive data from ICMP
    • echo response
    • timestamp response
    • mask response
    • ...
  • receive data from other types of protocols
  • receive data which cannot be recognized by the Kernel
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