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Something about typesetting in CSS Back

In the case when we need to present some text in a site, typesetting is a problem we may need when coding with CSS. In general, all the following attributes can affect the position of text, like white-space, work-break, or word-wrap, etc. This article mainly aims to figure out how they work, and how to set them in some situations.

1. Letter Spacing

The attribute letter-spacing is used to set the distance between each character in a string. It applies to the element itself, and also pseudo elements like ::first-line and ::first-letter. Its initial value is normal, which means that there is no distance between each character.

letter-spacing: normal;

letter-spacing: 0.3em;
letter-spacing: 3px;
letter-spacing: .3px;

letter-spacing: inherit;

2. Keeping in Line

When a container has too much texts, resulting in multiple lines to present such contents, we can use a attribute named white-space to decide whether to keep it in a single line. If keep it, then set it with nowrap:

white-space: normal
white-space: nowrap
white-space: pre
white-space: pre-wrap
white-space: pre-line

white-space: inherit
  • normal means that a series of white spaces will be merged into one, including the line-break character. At the same time, break contents into another line automatically if necessary.
  • nowrap means to merge white spaces but not to break into another line.
  • pre means that keep a series of white spaces and break into anther line if there is a line-break character or a <br> element.
  • pre-wrap means that keep white spaces and break into another line in three cases: a line-break character, a <br> element, or necessary to break
  • pre-line means to merge white spaces, and break into another line in three cases as the same as the previous one.

In order to enhance it, there is a table to show the differences between those values:

  Line-break characters White Spaces Breaking into new lines automatically
normal merged merged yes
nowrap merged merged no
pre keeped keeped no
pre-wrap keeped keeped yes
pre-line keeped merged yes

3. Word Wrapping

Word wrapping means whether to break a word into another line when this word is too long to fill in the container. If we want to break, we can set the attribute word-wrap or overflow-wrap with break-word. word-wrap is the original private attribute of Microsoft, and it has been renamed as overflow-wrap in CSS3.

Another attribute named word-break is used to specify how to break this word if it is too long to fill in. If we set it with break-all, the browser is allowed to break any character of CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) contents into a new line. And if we set it with kee-all, the browser is not allowed to break any character of CJK contents.

See the Pen Word Breaking by aleen42 (@aleen42) on CodePen.

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