How to deploy TL-WN722N in Ubuntu 14.04 Back

Driver Installation

Part I

Install all the dependencies in need:

sudo apt-get update
apt-get install gcc build-essential linux-headers-generic linux-headers-`uname -r`

Part II

Download backports-3.16-1.tar.gz and unzip it:

tar xvfz backports-3.16-1.tar.gz

Enter the uncompressed directory and clean build area:

cd backports-3.16-1 && sudo make clean

Build and Compile:

sudo make

If you have met some error while compiling, following these instructions to specify the driver you want to build and install by running the following command and make again:

sudo make defconfig-ath9k && sudo make

If there is no error, then install:

sudo make install

Part III

Load drivers at boot time:

echo "ath9k" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
echo "ath9k_htc" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

Edit rc.local:

# sudo vim /etc/rc.local
# use `lsusb` to check the usb device id of your TL-WN722N
# add the following two lines into the file
# Declare TP-WN727N USB ID to ath9k_htc module
echo "148F 7601" | tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/ath9k_htc/new_id

exit 0

Part IV

Finally, the script mentions something about updating your initramfs. It might not be needed but these are kernel modules so that's what we will do by running the following command:

sudo update-initramfs -k all -u

and don't forget to update grub when you are done:

sudo update-grub

After all have done, all should take effect after reboot the computer.

Switch to TL-WN722N from the built-in wifi

Add the following line to /etc/network/interface:

# sudo vim /etc/network/interface

iface wlan0 inet manual

and run the following command:

sudo service network-manager restart
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