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JSONP, also named JSON with padding or JSON-P, which is a JSON extension used by web developers to overcome the cross-domain restrictions with <script>. <script> is used to load JavaScript from a URL, and use a JavaScript engine to parse, rather than a JSON engine.

So, the difference from JSON is that you must return a executable JavaScript from the URL. In JSONP, the data in JSON will be wrapped by a callback function, which will be delivered to the server through URL parameters like the following:

<script type="text/javascript" 

Then, the browser will get a script like this:

parseResponse({ "name": "Aleen", "id": "123" });


Due to corss-domain, including script tags from servers allows the remote server to inject any content into a website. If the remote servers have vulnerabilities(弱點) that allow JavaScript injection, the page served from the original server is exposed to an increased risk. That's CSRF/XSRF attack.

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