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  • images you want to add to a web page may be a logo, photograph, illustration, diagram or chart.
  • stock images are images you pay to use.
  • <img> is used to add an image.
    • <img src="images/home.jpg" alt="a home" title="a home"/>
    • src: where to find this image
    • alt: a description for this image shown when you cannnot see it(alt text should have an accurate description, used by people with visual impairments and search engines. It should be left empty but still be used even if it has no meanings.)
    • title: a description for this image shown when you hover over the image
    • height: to specify the height of this image in pixels(px)
    • width: to specify the width of this image
    • align: to indicate how the other parts of a page should flow around the image(it is not supported by HTML5)
      • horizonal
        • left
        • center
        • right
      • vertical
        • top
        • middle
        • bottom
  • images can be put before a paragraph, inside the start of a paragraph or in the middle of a paragraph.
  • 3 rules for creating images
      1. save images in the right format.
        • JPEG: a picture which has many different colors.
        • GIF/PNG: a picture with few colors or large areas of the same color, like Logos, illustrations or diagrams.(Or an image that is transparency)
      1. save iamges at the right size.
        • image will look blurry when its size increases from the original size, except for vector images.
      1. use the correct resolution(分辨率).
  • <figure> is used to containn images and their caption(題目). (supported by HTML5)
  • <figcaption> is used to contain the caption. (supported by HTML5)
    <img src="images/home.jpg" alt="a home" title="a home"/>
    <br />
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