Some commands of Linux Back

1. If you want to checkout some versions of Linux OS

Linux version:

lsb_release -a

Kernel version:

uname -r

2. If you want to see the space size

# checkout the hard disk
df -h
# checkout the current directory
du -h --max-depth=1

3. If you want to check the info of the space size in the physical memory

# Total Mem
free | sed -n "2, 1p" | awk '{print int($2)}'
# Used
free | sed -n "3, 1p" | awk '{print int($3)}'

4. Dynamically check a file

tail -f file

5. Check device ID of some USB ports


6. To connect some port of a specified IP address

telnet <IP addr> <port>

7. Commandes RTL-SDR

rtl_test -t

8. Statistic lines of a file

cat <input text> | wc -l
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