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  • links are the defining feature of the web because they allow you to move from one web page to another.
  • <a> is used to create a link
    • <a href="http:a//">ALEEN</a>
  • URL
    • relative URL is used for linking withing own website. It's effective.
  • Email
    • <a href=""></a>
  • When linking to a Specific Part, you can use id. After you click upon this <a> tag, url should be have a hash changed, and location.hash should be #arc_shot. We can use window.onhashchange to listen to hash changed events.
    • <a href="#arc_shot">Arc Shot</a>
    • <h1 id="arc_shot">Arc Shot</h1>

Appendix. Optional Attributes

  • target is the attribute for setting where to open links.
    • _blank: new window
      • <a href="" target="_blank"><\a>
    • _parent
    • _self
    • _top
  • download(HTML5): used to point where to download
  • type(HTML5): used to set MIME types
    • MINE types:
序号 内容类型 文件扩展名 描述
1 application/msword doc Microsoft Word
2 application/octet-stream bin dms lha lzh exe class 可执行程序
3 application/pdf pdf Adobe Acrobat
4 application/postscript ai eps ps PostScript
5 appication/powerpoint ppt Microsoft Powerpoint
6 appication/rtf rtf rtf 格式
7 appication/x-compress z unix 压缩文件
8 application/x-gzip gz gzip
9 application/x-gtar gtar tar 文档 (gnu 格式 )
10 application/x-shockwave-flash swf MacroMedia Flash
11 application/x-tar tar tar(4.3BSD)
12 application/zip zip winzip
13 audio/basic au snd sun/next 声音文件
14 audio/mpeg mpeg mp2 Mpeg 声音文件
15 audio/x-aiff mid midi rmf Midi 格式
16 audio/x-pn-realaudio ram ra Real Audio 声音
17 audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin rpm Real Audio 插件
18 audio/x-wav wav Microsoft Windows 声音
19 image/cgm cgm 计算机图形元文件
20 image/gif gif COMPUSERVE GIF 图像
21 image/jpeg jpeg jpg jpe JPEG 图像
22 image/png png PNG 图像
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