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Kill Processes Back

  • call exit() to kill processes
    • if the process is the group leader of a processes group, then send SIGHUP to all processes in this group
    • close all socket opened by this process
    • if there are children process, then set their parent as init process
    • send SIGCHLD to its parent
  • Zombie(僵屍) Process will be created when SIGCHLD is not handled by its parent
    • Zombies will occupy a Process Table Entry(進程表項) in the system
  • ways to kill Zomebie Process
    • ignore SIGCHLD using SIG_IGN, and system will clear their Process Table Entries.
    • use wait() or waitpid() to wait for killing child processes.
    • use waitpid() to handler more than one killing child process by setting WNOHANG, prevented to be blocked, rather than wait().
    • fork() twice so that child process will be controled by init process.
pid_t waitpid(pid_t pid, int* status, int option)
  • pid: 進程id
    • >0: 只等待進程號為pid的子進程退出
    • -1: 等待任何子進程退出
  • option: 選項
    • WHONANG: 無子進程退出時不阻塞
  • status: 存儲狀態信息
return values
  • 退出的子進程id
  • 0: 設置WHONANG且無子進程退出
  • -1: failure
  • errno: error code
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