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  • In Dom,

    • Document: the top node
    • DocumentType: <!DOCTYPE>
    • DocumentFragment: can store other nodes like Document.TE
    • Element: contents between a tag(nodes with properties and sub-nodes).
    • Attr: a pair of properties and values
    • Text: contents between a tag in XML(nodes with only text inside).
    • CDataSection: <![CDATA[]]>, can only conclude nodes of text.
    • Entity: define an entity like <!ENTITY foo "foo">.
    • EntityReference: a reference to an entity like &nbsp;.
    • ProcessingInstruction: stand for a PI, like <?target data?>.
    • Comment: XML comment.
    • Notation: symbols in Document Type Definition(DTD).
  • Properties or Methods of nodes:

    • NodeList: a list of child nodes
    • NamedNodeMap: a map of paired keys with attributes and values
Properties/Methods Types/Returned types Descriptions
nodeName String the name of the node
nodeValue String the value of the node
nodeType Number the type of the node
ownerDocument Document the owner document of the node
firstChild Node the first node in the list - childNodes
lastChild Node the last node in the list - childNodes
childNodes NodeList a list of all the child nodes
previousSibling Node the previous brother node
nextSibling Node the next brother node
attributes NamedNodeMap conclude the Attr which can represent the properties of this node
hasChildNodes() Boolean return true when there is a child node
appendChild(Node) Node add a node into the list - childNodes
removeChild(Node) Node remove a node from the list - childNodes
replaceChild(newnode, oldnode) Node replace an oldnode from the list - childNodes with the newnode
insertBefore(newnode, refnode) Node add a newnode into the list - childNodes before the refnode
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