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Stage Purpose Entrance Criteria Acceptance Signifies Spec Quality Post-Acceptance Changes Expected Implementation Types Expected*
0 Strawperson Allow input into the specification None N/A N/A N/A N/A
1 Proposal
  • Make the case for the addition
  • Describe the shape of a solution
  • Identify potential challenges
  • Identified “champion” who will advance the addition
  • Prose outlining the problem or need and the general shape of a solution
  • Illustrative examples of usage
  • High-level API
  • Discussion of key algorithms, abstractions and semantics
  • Identification of potential “cross-cutting” concerns and implementation challenges/complexity
The committee expects to devote time to examining the problem space, solutions and cross-cutting concerns None Major Polyfills / demos
2 Draft Precisely describe the syntax and semantics using formal spec language
  • Above
  • Initial spec text
The committee expects the feature to be developed and eventually included in the standard Draft: all major semantics, syntax and API are covered, but TODOs, placeholders and editorial issues are expected Incremental Experimental
3 Candidate Indicate that further refinement will require feedback from implementations and users
  • Above
  • Complete spec text
  • Designated reviewers have signed off on the current spec text
  • All ECMAScript editors have signed off on the current spec text
The solution is complete and no further work is possible without implementation experience, significant usage and external feedback. Complete: all semantics, syntax and API are completed described Limited: only those deemed critical based on implementation experience Spec compliant
4 Finished Indicate that the addition is ready for inclusion in the formal ECMAScript standard
  • Above
  • Test262 acceptance tests have been written for mainline usage scenarios, and merged
  • Two compatible implementations which pass the acceptance tests
  • Significant in-the-field experience with shipping implementations, such as that provided by two independent VMs
  • A pull request has been sent to tc39/ecma262 with the integrated spec text
  • All ECMAScript editors have signed off on the pull request
The addition will be included in the soonest practical standard revision Final: All changes as a result of implementation experience are integrated None Shipping

* This column does not indicate a requirement for advancement, but simply a general expectation.

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