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As the official said, TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript, which can be compiled into plain JavaScript, and run. This typed feature is an important point for us to know this language, as we should know that we have been familiar with coding JavaScript with its weakly typed feature. Take it simple, we may ignore no matter a number is an integer or a long integer, or even it is unsigned or not. In JavaScript, we only care about whether a number is an integer or a float number only, while TypeScript has supported typed feature for us. Why? Perhaps you may know the reason when you face with a JavaScript project, which has grown larger and larger. When developing a complicated project, even an complicated engineered project, JavaScript has become a laborious tool for us, as some typed problems has been skipped naturally in this language. For instance, a data structure has defined a property as an String type in the server side with a strong typed language like Java, but in the client-side, some developers can convert this type to a Number type, and use it without any error limitation. This situation can be a disaster when parsing it back to the server, as the type has been changed unexpectedly. How to solve this problem, TypeScript has provided us a smart way to do so.




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