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1. Structural Markup

  • six levels of heading: <h1> to <h6>
  • <p> is used for creating a paragraph.
  • <b> is used for bold text.
  • <i> is used for italic text.
  • <sup> is used for superscript(上標)
  • <sub> is used for subscript(下標)
  • White Space Collapsing: It means that when the browser comes across two or more spaces next to each other, it only displays one space. Similarly if it comes across a line break, it treats that as a single space too.
  • <br /> is line breaks(single one).
  • <hr /> is used to create a break(horizonal rules) between themes(**single one).

2. Semantic Markup

  • <strong> is used to emphasize something important like using <b>.
  • <em> is used to emphasize that subtly changes the meaning of a sentence like using <i>.
  • <blockquote> is used for longer quotes that take up an entire paragraph.
  • <q> is used for shorter one.
    • Some one said, <q>Hello, man!</q>
  • <abbr> is used for specify some abbreviations or acronyms(縮寫).
    • <abbr title = "Professor">Prof</abbr>
  • <cite> is used for referencing a piece of work such as a book, film or research paper.
    • <cite>A Brief History of Time</cite>
  • <dfn> is used for explaining some new terminology(學術用語).
  • <address> is used to contain contact details for the author of the page.
  • <ins> is used for underline, <del> is used for delete.
  • <s> indicates something that is no longer accurate or relevant(but that should note be deleted).
<p><s>was $995</s></p>
<p>now only $375</p>

was $995

now only $375

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