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Ubuntu Installation

i. To see whether you have installed before:


ii. Install by apt-get when it notify to install:

sudo apt-get install ruby
  • Notice: you should upgrade when its version is older than the latest stable version.

iii. Downloads latest stable version:

  • Ruby downloads
  • Use tar -zxvf to uncompress the package.
  • Configure your installation by typing ./configure --prefix=$HOME). Next type make, which will build your Ruby interpreter. This might take a few minutes. After that is done, type make install to install it.
  • Notice: it takes some time to complete make process.

iv. Add your path to $HOME/bin

sudo vim ~/.bashrc
# add in the last line
export PATH=${HOME}/bin:$PATH
  • Notice: log out and login again to check

v. Check the version of Ruby

ruby -v

Windows Installation

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