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JSX Spread Attributes Back

If you know all the properties that you want to place on a component ahead of time, it is easy to use JSX:

var component = <Component foo={x} bar={y} />

It's bad to mutate props like this:

var component = <Component /> = x;    /** bad */ = y;    /** also bad */

This is an anti-pattern because it means that we can't help you check the right propTypes until way later. This means that your propTypes errors end up with a cryptic(含義隱晦的) stack trace.

The props should be considered immutable. Mutating the props object somewhere else could cause unexpected consequences so ideally it would be a frozen object at this point.

Spread Attributes

Spread Attributes has used a new operator, ... notation, in ES6, and this is a new feature of jsx.

As firstly, we know atributes foo, but not bar, and we can extend it like this:

var props = {}; = x;

/** spread attributes: ...props */
var component = <Component {...props} bar={y} />

If we also extend foo, it will be overrided.

var props = {}; = x;

/** spread attributes: ...props */
var component = <Component {...props} foo={'overriden'} />

console.log(;   /** => overriden */
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